IDS Case Study: Leveraging Data to Reach Goals in Grant Funded Projects

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IDS Case Study: Leveraging Data to Reach Goals in Grant Funded Projects

How can data help reach funding goals for a project?

Data Science can help you achieve your business goals with tailored advice specific to your organization. Learn more about how Keiter Data Solutions solved a similar problem for one of our clients in the below case study.

While the following projects were completed for profit companies, the story is translatable to non-profit organizations encountering a hard to attain data driven goal and lack of inside resources. In both scenarios, the clients had the project in motion but needed some outside expertise to get the projects to the next level. The Keiter IDS team had the variety of skill sets to understand each client’s unique problems and provide efficient solutions to them get closer to attaining their missions.

Challenges and Opportunities

Mission based, for profit organizations that received grants but needed help getting their projects to the next level.

Project 1:


A company had a big goal and an extremely limited timeline. They had data but needed guidance on a Computer Vision (a subset of Machine Learning (ML)) for a complex problem that has not been solved by anyone before. The team had only 5 months to create an ML model built with the leftover budget that addressed the problem in some way, even though they had already spent both time and money over 18 months prior to bringing in the Keiter Innovative Data Solutions (IDS) team. This deadline was important for them to apply for more funding.


The IDS team was engaged to assist and knew the problem was too big to solve in the required timeframe. The team found a steppingstone to begin addressing the problem which was smaller in scale but an attainable goal. In other words, the minimally viable product. Using current research and techniques, the IDS team helped complete the smaller scale project within the timeframe. The company was able to show the building blocks for the overarching goal and apply for more funding.

Project 2:


A company applied for and were awarded grant funding to optimize their current model for more accurate predictions. They had applied with the hope that they could hire talent to complete the work.  This proved hard to do, so they engaged the IDS team with an emergency need.


The company was able to use our expertise with some of the grant funds to successfully complete the grant and improve their core organization with innovative technology. Throughout the project, the IDS team evaluated the current model and created a new, more accurate Artificial Intelligence (AI) model quickly and efficiently. The team even put the model in an Application Programming Interface (API) so the client could offer their algorithm to their potential customers. With the new and more accurate model, the company is now able to seek new partnerships with confidence and is closer to achieving their mission.

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