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Powered by our internally developed CMMC Compliance Tool, our services are flexible by design to meet your specific needs.


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Our CMMC Service Areas

Keiter Service Areas Infographic Scoping, Gap Analysis, Documentation, Assessment Prep, Assessment Support, Ongoing Project Support and Compliance Maintenance Activities Technology Implementation, Policy and Procedure Implementation, OSC C3PAO


  • Assist with determining the CMMC level based on current contractual obligations.
  • Identify enclave boundaries and in-scope assets
  • Document asset applicability for each practice

Scoping is the first step. Get started with a with a scoping exercise.


Gap Analysis

  • Document practice implementations for each in-scope asset
  • Identify gaps
  • Gaps are unimplemented CMMC practice requirements or assessment objectives not implemented and/or with insufficient evidence
  • Document Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms)



  • For each practice and in-scope system, document CMMC practice owners, practice operators, evidence description, and evidence location.
  • Document your System Security Plan (SSP).
  • Calculate your CMMC and DFARS scoring.
  • As required, create or update policies, procedures, plans, diagrams, practice documentation templates and more.
CMMC Compliance Tool

Clients obtain a lifetime license as part of all service agreements, and the tool is easily maintained in your own environment. It is your security data, and we believe you should have the right to keep it in your environment, forever.

Assessment Preparation

  • Review and organize initial body of evidence. Obtain final approvals on all documentation from management.
  • Ensure staff understand the overall CMMC regulatory landscape and the importance of compliance, are trained on critical organization policies and procedures, and understand expectations regarding the assessment process.


Assessment Support

  • Gather the body of evidence to support self-certifications and affirmations.
  • Coordinate with assessor regarding interview requests, gathering assessment documentation, participating in assessment interviews/walkthroughs, responding to and addressing assessor questions/concerns.


Ongoing Project Support and Compliance Maintenance Activities

  • Even the simplest organizations will have THOUSANDS of individual requirements.
  • Success requires a data driven approach during the readiness and throughout the process of maintaining compliance.


Our Virtual CMMC Compliance Team can provide the level of support that you need with a data driven approach, powered by our internally developed CMMC Compliance Tool, minimizing the risk of something slipping through the cracks.

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