Risk Advisory Services Case Studies

Risk Advisory Services Case Studies

At Keiter, we are more than accountants. Our Risk Advisory Services practice is designed to assist companies with the identification of risks that have a significant impact on their business including financial, operational and compliance risks, and with developing sound, cost effective controls to mitigate those risks. The following are a few examples of the value added services we have provided to our Risk Advisory Services clients.

  • We performed a Risk Assessment for an Insurance client to identify the audit universe and risk rate it based on Keiter’s risk rating methodology.  The client used this Risk Assessment to determine their Internal Audit department’s audit schedule for the year, ensuring resources were focused on high risk areas.
  • We perform IT Audit and Internal Audits for a number of Banking institutions.  For one bank, we made a number of recommendations for improvement that our client proceeded to implement prior to the state and federal examiners performed their review.  Our client’s proactiveness and outlined implementation plan enabled them to meet a higher percentage of examiner requirements.
  • Our review of an internet company’s IT controls identified un-utilized security settings and lack of data processing reconciliations. As a result, our recommendations helped our client secure access to sensitive customer data and maintain data processing integrity.

Our Risk Advisory Services team shares their insights and knowledge on our blog.  Interested in talking with our Risk Advisory Team? Contact us: 804.747.0000 | information@keitercpa.com

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