A lurking online danger: Ransomware

By Keiter Technologies

A lurking online danger: Ransomware

Chris Moschella, Keiter’s Risk Advisory Services Manager, was a contributor to Richmond Times-Dispatch’s August 13, 2016 article, “A lurking online danger: Ransomware could cost thousands of dollars to recover data.

Ransomware works by exploiting both technical weaknesses in an organization’s cybersecurity, as well as the biggest weakness in any security system: human error.


Experts say the best way that a business can avoid an attack is by regularly updating anti-virus defenses and educating employees on how to recognize suspicious emails or advertisements and to think before clicking.

“Employees really need to be cognizant of the threats in the world,” Moschella said. “There is this mentality that the IT department will take care of it, the security people are going to watch it. People need to abandon that mindset and think of themselves as part of the company’s security apparatus.”

Backing up data also is vital because it may be the only way to restore lost data when an attack occurs.

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Source: RTD | John Reid Blackwell
Photo Illustration by Alexa Welch Edlund, RTD

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