What is Cleansing & Mining Unstructured Data?

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What is Cleansing & Mining Unstructured Data?

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What is the value of Cleansing and Mining Unstructured Data and how can it enhance the insights you can achieve?

Unstructured data includes any data that doesn’t fit neatly into traditional relational databases. This could include images, written comments, audio recordings, heat signatures, and so much more.

Our expertise in mining this type of data can help to uncover hidden patterns in customer feedback, social media sentiment, machine performance, crop health, legal documents, and many other applications. Here are just a few examples:

  • Extract free-form data notes entered by your salespeople into a CRM system to identify patterns and gather valuable consumer insights.
  • Hasten the legal discovery process and the review of evidence such as police reports, emails, audio/video recordings, etc.
  • Mine data from resumes, employee reviews, and job boards which can highlight trends in skills and expertise, thus improving recruitment strategies and talent management.
  • Identify crucial themes, trends, or sentiments hidden in unstructured customer feedback, helping to enhance customer service and experience.
  • Scrutinize social media sentiment to understand your brand perception and customer needs better, facilitating improved marketing and engagement strategies.

By choosing Keiter Data Solutions to assist you with Cleansing & Mining your Unstructured Data, you can gain insights that would not be possible with traditional data in a standard database structure.


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