Meet Katherine Dodd: Keiter Technologies Data Solutions Business Analyst

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Meet Katherine Dodd: Keiter Technologies Data Solutions Business Analyst

A keen interest in business data

Katherine Dodd was always interested in data. Interning at a marketing research firm right after college sparked the notion that a career in data might be the right fit. She found the work to be engaging and challenging. Katherine enjoyed the process of learning how data can impact company business decisions and growth. After her internship, her career took a little side step from data science into a customer service and quality role at a manufacturing company that served aerospace and nuclear customers. These two very different career experiences would turn out to be a valuable combination for Katherine’s next career move.

In October 2021, Katherine joined the Keiter Technologies team as a Data Solutions Business Analyst. Katherine leverages her client service experience and data science skills to scope and scale data projects for businesses in a variety of industries. Katherine finds that every time she is involved in a managing a project a ‘whole new world’ of data science opens. She works with a very collaborative team that thrives on brainstorming and fast paced learning to solve client business challenges. No two projects are the same—while most projects only require one data scientist, the team can easily pivot to using other team members when specific skill sets or services are required.

Data science projects that make a long-term impact for businesses

Katherine’s favorite types of data projects are those that have required small changes but helped a business grow through automation or predictive models. She enjoys seeing the aftereffects of how her data solutions have impacted the business. Katherine stated, “sometimes you don’t even know what the impact is going to be until after the project is finished.” Even small changes can put the client on a completely new trajectory for their business.

One client project that did just that involved taking four different types of business forms (the client had thousands, writing a script to take all the important information out of the forms, and placing the data into a table in the customer’s system. Now, instead of going to four different places to see information the client only needs to go to one. Another project that made a huge impact was for a client who had received a significant amount of grant money to improve their algorithm. The client’s first model used basic linear regression and they updated it with several neural network models to predict results more accurately. The client came to Keiter Technologies because of the team’s expertise in machine learning models and they were able to help them get to the next level. Now, the client is able to seek new partnerships with confidence.

Katherine is looking forward to working on more projects where she can apply her experience, attention to detail, and keen interest in improving business processes through data.

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