Meet Greg Bucko: Keiter Technologies Data Consultant

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Meet Greg Bucko: Keiter Technologies Data Consultant

Helping decision makers leverage data for business success

Greg Bucko has spent his entire career in data analytics. He is very passionate about building and leading data analytics teams for organizations that are just getting started on their data journey. He is excited to leverage his experience and skills in his role as a Data Consultant for Keiter Technologies.

Greg’s specialty is how to create and execute a data and analytics strategy, an area in which many organizations struggle.

“I love helping business leaders get more from their data. By collaborating with the Keiter Technologies team, I can help a wide variety of clients across many different industries.”

Greg believes that data strategy serves as a missing link between the promise and the reality of data. Many organizations understand the potential of data but do not know how it is valuable to them. This is where Greg comes in. He helps organizations create a road map and business leaders see a whole new way of doing things. For example, Greg can help an executive turn a multi-page excel report into a simple data visualization so they can focus on what matters. These small enhancements can have profound impacts on business decision making and growth.

Focus on Data Visualization

Greg’s favorite types of projects are helping an organization create basic dashboards and visualizations and even a simple predictive model for marketing. He says that these projects really get the momentum going because it helps to develop a medium to long-term data strategy. One of the best parts of his job is helping business decision makers see the same data they always see in a completely different way.

Interactive Data Visualization Project

One of Greg’s recent client projects involved creating a dashboard for a medium-sized company that needed help with interactive visualizations. The company was familiar with leveraging data but what Greg created completely changed how they interacted with the information. “For the first time they can easily see the profitability of their customers and products in a single visualization,” Greg stated. Prior to this, the organization could see customers and products but were unable to see how these two things interacted with each other. Greg helped to bring this to light. He stated that the outcome of this project was “very rewarding”.

One interesting fact about Greg is that although he is originally from Richmond, six years ago he took a job in Florida leading data analytics for a hospitality brand in Orlando. He currently lives with his family in a town called Celebration right outside of Disney World. This town was built by Disney in the 1990s and it is quite a unique place to live and to raise a family.

Greg shares his data analytics insights on the Keiter Technologies blog.

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