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Keiter’s Innovative Data Solutions team offers high-quality data assessment and analysis services designed to bridge the gap between data collection and practical application. Our team specializes in leveraging the latest AI technologies to develop customized strategies and solutions that give your company a competitive edge. With our expertise, we transform your data into actionable insights, making the impossible finally possible.


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AI Assessment

Our Process

An AI readiness assessment will give you an actionable plan that shows where your company currently stands and specific opportunities for data strategies with high ROI.

AI Readiness Assessment


Is your business ready for AI implementation?

Our comprehensive assessment provides a full report on where you stand and what you need to do to begin to harness your data.

Identify High ROI Opportunities


Where can AI help give big wins to your business?

This listed and ranked report prioritizes data solutions unique to your needs.

Build and Deploy Your Custom AI Solution


Identified opportunities are acted on and solutions are put into action.



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Keiter Data Solutions

185% Average ROI

20+ Data Science Services

50+ Clients Served

Who We Are

In 1978, five entrepreneurial-spirited accountants left their roles at large regional firms and set out to create a new kind of firm—one that would focus on building lasting partnerships with local businesses and help them grow and succeed.

Keiter is a team of experienced advisors with the knowledge to identify opportunities and the commitment to see them through. Whether performing an audit, preparing a tax return, or providing data science consulting services, you can depend on us to help you make sound financial decisions throughout the lifecycle of your business.

We are more than your accountants… We are your Opportunity Advisors.

45 Years in Business

250+ Industries Served

200+ Employees

10,000+ Clients Served

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